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Furniture Medic by MB Restoration

Let Us Paint Your Cabinets so You Love them Again.

Many people get tired of their cabinet color - we can paint your Cabinets! - Call:618-246-6146.

Shiloh cabinet painting

These Kitchen Cabinets in Belleville, Illinois were given
a brand new look; while making the kitchen brighter!

The original dark stain was cleaned and sanded.
Two coats of primer was then applied.
Then two coats of paint, - my client was very happy!

The drawers and doors we take to the shop to get sprayed.
The cabinet base is cleaned, sanded, and painted in your home.

Add new drawer/ door pulls = a brand new kitchen!

Again, way less than the price of new cabinets.
This of coarse, can also be done with bathroom cabinets.


Belleville, Illinois cabinet painting.

O'Fallon cabinet painting.

Fairview Heights cabinet painting.

Shiloh cabinet painting.

Belleville, Illinois cabinet repair.

O'Fallon cabinet repair.

Fairview Heights cabinet repair.

Shiloh cabinet repair.

Waterloo cabinet painting

Another look at the Belleville, Illinois cabinets - these also show while work is being done.

Marion cabinet painting

These cabinet doors show the popular 'distressed' look.

The cabinets are painted a color of your choice.
then partly sanded.
Of coarse they are cleaned and sanded first.


Marion cabinet painting.

Carbondale cabinet painting.

Centralia cabinet painting.

Greenville cabinet painting.

Waterloo cabinet painting.

Columbia cabinet painting.

Carbondale cabinet repair.

Centralia cabinet repair.

Greenville cabinet repair.

Waterloo cabinet repair.

Columbia cabinet repair.

Mt. Vernon cabinet refinishing.

If you are interestd in painting your cabinets please call.

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- Fayette County, Bond County, Franklin, Hamilton, Wayne, and Clay Counties -
- I have driven from Vandalia to Metropolis.

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O'Fallon furniture refinishing

O'Fallon cabinet refinishing