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Furniture Medic by MB Restoration

Let Us Refinish Your Old Furniture so you Love it Again.

Let us Enhance Your not-so-old Furniture so You Love it again.

Here are a few examples of our furniture restoration. Call: 618-246-6146.
All furniture stripping and furniture refinishing worked by hand, No Dipping Here.

Salem furniture refinishing

This cabinet was purchased at a rural auction
in Jefferson County, Illinois.
It was a mess! Falling apart, no top, with black ants
crawling everywhere!

Yes - Black Carpenter Ants were eating it up.
It was taken apart, stripped, rebuilt
with a new walnut top.

I believe it was perhaps an Organ at one time.
- pretty cool piece.

Salem furniture repair

This is a Seeburg 100 - First Juke Box to play 45 records.

The Juke Box that basically started the downfall of the Werlitzer.

It was a mess too. The cabinet was completely rebuilt with solid oak.
The coin door was replaced with an old brass post office box door.

Yes it plays beautiful!

Marion furniture restoration

The original top board of the Juke Box was burnt.
Perhaps some Tequilla was spilled and a cigarette ignited?

Whatever the reason I thought the burn was cool.
And - Part of its History. So I Refinished that burnt piece -
and put it on the back. It is circled in white in the picture.

It was bought at a closed bar outside Centralia, IL.
and currently resides in a Washington, County home.

Herrin furniture repair

Here is a very Old Cane Shelf.
You can see the original burlap
covering each shelf is worn.
The old glue was a nightmare
removing, but it's gone.

Herrin furniture refinishing

This is a picture of the shelf
all finished and residing
in my client's home in
Williamson County.

This cane shelf is over
100 years old. The original nails
are square. . Beautiful!


Salem furniture refinishing.

Salem furniture repair.

Marion furniture restoration.

Herrin furniture refinishing.

Herrin furniture repair.

and All Towns around Southern Illinois.

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- Jackson County, Williamson County, Randolph, Jefferson and Marion Counties -
- Fayette County, Bond County, Franklin, Hamilton, Wayne, and Clay Counties -
- I have driven from Vandalia to Metropolis.

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Mt Vernon cabinet refinishing

Mascoutah furniture refinishing