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Furniture Medic by MB Restoration

Let Us Recolor/ Refinish Your Furniture so you Love it Again.

Let us Enhance Your not-so-old Furniture so You Love it again.

Examples of changing the color of furniture.

St Clair County furniture refinishing

This Buffet outside of Jefferson County, Illinois was passed
down to my client from her Grandparents.

Along with a Dining Room Table with 6 Chairs,
and a Nice China Cabinet.

She Loved the Furniture, just grew tired of the color.

So we stripped, sanded, sanded more, stained, stained again
sprayed with a clear coat; and went from Red Mahogany to a Dark Walnut.

furniture refinishing St Clair County

furniture refinishing St Clair County

Here is the Table from her set.
I think it turned out pretty nice.
My client, and her Mom, was very happy with the results.

St Clair County furniture refinishing.

Lebanon furniture repair

Another way to change a color is of course - to paint.

This Wicker Couch belongs to my client down in Carbondale, Illinois.
You can see the straps to hold the cushions/ pillows were also repalced.
My client again, was happy with her repainted furniture.

Lebanon furniture refinishing.

Lebanon furniture repair.

Changing the color can be a lengthy process.
With painting it is cleaning, brushing, sanding, and finally painting.

Changing the color by staining is quite a bit more complex.
It is Not an easy or fast process, but it can be done.

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Belleville furniture refinishing

Belleville cabinet refinishing